Interactive, engaging, media-rich learning.
Skilsure converts your content to interactive online modules, preserving the information and intent. Skilsure builds engaging content utilizing graphics and video based on your brand identity, users can access their required learning at any time. Embedded quiz questions in the module prevent users from progressing without grasping the content, and a final test writes the user's learning outcome to your instution's member database.
  •  Introductory web page includes description & purpose of the module, expected length of completion, IT compatibility requirements, user functionality, & format of the final quiz.

  •  Demo tutorial helps users navigate through the module.

  •  Embedded links give members to access additional learning resources.

  •  Feedback on each test question aids users’ understanding.

  •  Reports designed to display learners' initial answers to test questions.

  •  Aggregate & individual user completion data available to the system administrator.

  •  Report can be generated giving details of incomplete participation.

  •  Broadcast email reminds members of the requirement to complete the module.

eTesting and Jurisprudence

Verify learning effectiveness and run robust reports.

Our Jurisprudence solution combines learning and assessment in a way that is consistent with the principles of adult learning. The "open book" exam can be configured in a variety of ways depending on the requirements of the regulator.

The solution is an online "open book" learning and testing experience with relevant jurisprudence resources available to the test-taker before they answer each question. It provides the opportunity for a registrant to use their experience and knowledge right out of the box.

The solution breaks down relevant legislation into chapters by category, allowing the software to report on success by category. Typically the registrant needs multiple attempts to acheive the 100% required to pass the test (but does not have to retake quiz items that have already been answered correctly). The software is flexible enough to allow the registrant to bookmark and leave in the middle of a chapter if they so desire. Questions can be verified one by one or the test-taker can answer all questions in a chapter and see feedback and links to learning resources at the end. The test-taker can check their success by category as well as by question. As each chapter is completed successfully, the software marks it as complete, logging the progress to date, so the member can see exactly what work they still have to do. The number of attempts per chapter is also logged.