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We are a leading independently-owned solution provider. Our solutions are specially designed to meet the requirements of Colleges, Training Providers and Major Corporations delivering vocational qualifications and new apprenticeships in all regions of the UK and internationally.
About SkilSure 20 years in the making
20 years of continuous development lies behind the SkilSure competency tracking and assessment solution. Feedback and user input have driven SkilSure to be simply the most powerful and fully featured solution available (include e-portfolio functionality). Our commitment to innovation led to the incorporation of functionality that complies with the requirements for new apprenticeships.
Welcome to Skilsure Inspiring innovative competence
SkilSure is leading the way with our comprehensive e-Portfolios. Gone are the days of filing cabinets full of paper. With SkilSure, you can save valuable money and time, and deliver the best learning and competency experience to your candidates. If you'd like a trial, why not try for 30 days here.
Continuous Professional Development
SkilSure CPD, is easy to use, and now with our new "SkilSure Xpress" mobile app, it's even easier. Now you can take your CPD with you, anywhere, anytime. The data you enter in our Xpress app is securely encrypted and automatically synchronises with the desktop SkilSure application.
2017 Apprenticeship Tracking and Assessment Solutions
SkilSure's Apprentice solutions are fully featured, thoughtfully developed competency management systems that serve the needs of employers and others tracking and assessing new apprenticeships (2017 Apprenticeship). We provide software that is in compliance with new apprentice standards and processes, but that can also be customised to fit your IT systems & specific competency requirements and practices.
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Save Money
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Make Plans
Track Apprentice Progress
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